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        Carey has explored her natural inclination towards art since she started painting as a child.  Inspired by stimuli she sees in nature and her surroundings, King uses a unique blend of design, color, and texture in her work.  Most paintings start with a realistic style, only to evolve with a sense of the abstract.  "Some paintings are done in three hours, others take days," Carey responds when asked how she knows when a piece is completed.  Constantly re-evaluating each piece, by standing back, by getting close up and even taking pictures with her iPhone, King looks to move away from her subjectivity and acquire an objective view.  When prompted to give advice to aspiring artists, Carey replies, "You have to believe in your own work- that's the hardest thing."

        Carey Hero King’s work has been highlighted in local galleries and shows, and can be found in homes around the New Orleans area and throughout the U.S.